Update: 7/6/11

I have spent a good portion of the last few days messing with the basic moves for richter in the intro, and for tweaking stuff like collisions and making sure that everything is the same as SOTN or changed the way that I want it to be. I ran into an issue with views due to my speed using decimals, and my collisions scripts not working with them. So I had to tweak them to take something called sub pixels into account. That took about a day to get working in itself.
So far I have implemented the following actions and the appropriate collisions:
  • Standing idle
  • Walking
  • Ducking (and standing back up)
  • Falling
  • Jumping
  • Double Jumping
  • High Jumping (with sounds)
  • Running
  • Back flipping (with sounds)
  • Sliding (with sounds)
I also had to tweak the controls some to be like in SOTN and to implement the new ones:
  • left, right, up left, or up right, will move Richter forward
  • Down, down right, or down left duck
  • Hitting LEFT AND RIGHT on the keyboard together (or a combination of left on keyboard, right on joystick, etc) will stop you from moving horizontally (it zeroes out your horizontal speed when walking, running, moving during jump, etc.)
  • Up, up left, or up right + special (triangle by default or spacebar) high jump. The same 3 up motions + attack throw a sub weapon.
  • Sliding will not work if going up hill or standing against a wall; but the sliding animation will not finish prematurely if next to a wall now.
  • Back flipping can be done on the ground or in the air; it is done by hitting the special button (triangle by default or spacebar)
  • You can only high jump once until landing again; if you high jump, and did not jump or double jump before it, you canNOT do so after it ends (like in dawn of sorrow with Julius).
  • When going up slopes, if walking or running you go slower than normal; but if you jump while going up a slope, you will go slightly faster than the walking/running speed on the slope (though not as fast as jumping on a flat surface or downward slope). This is hard to understand in words here but play SOTN and mess around as you are going up a slope and you will understand what I mean.
The changing rooms transition is now exactly like I want it to be and it is very close to the one in SOTN. The view also runs smoother now. Tomorrow I will be continuing on bug testing all of this, as well as implementing Richter’s frenzy whip move. Then I can begin tying the animations of the richter sprite to the hitbox’s actions (all movements and actions are linked to this red hitbox). Next will be handling his whip and collisions with it. After this is all done I can finally start on the mud type tiles, and platforms that can be jumped thru.
EDIT: Some more things that I forgot to mention yesterday and did today:
  • When you walk off a platform (not jump off), you instantly go to a value of 2 for vspeed; also when you do this (and for the same amount of time after a frenzy whip ends) there is a small 8 step/tick window where Richter can still jump in mid air (just like how Alucard can walk off the edge of a platform and do the same; if Alucard has the leap stone he can still do 2 leaps). I have implemented this, except it canNOT be done anymore after a frenzy whip. Just when you walk off the edge of a solid.
  • Improved on the view so it is actually less jittery than in the original symphony of the night.(stare at the background as you walk in it and you will see what I mean).
  • Began linking the appropriate animations for richter with the actions of the hitbox.

EDIT: 7/8/11:

Today I completed the following animations and positioned them relative to the hitbox object
  • Backflipping
  • High Jumping
  • Dashing
  • Double jumping (straight up and forward; they use different animations)
I also implemented the music for stage zero, and figured out a “trick” that was used to make the player look more like he was moving up the stairs and duplicated it. I also edited the hitbox (it is responsible for collision with tiles) some to match SOTN, and adjusted some code to make richter not look “jittery” when he was in mid air.
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4 Responses to Update: 7/6/11

  1. ScionOfBalance says:

    Man,from what you are saying,this is gonna be awesome!I’m trying game maker but when i jump my caracter always falls through the floor,talk about depressing…Good luck on the project!Please don’t give up!

  2. gadesx says:

    It will be interesting see new rooms and zones,

  3. Tremis says:

    Just discovered this! I agree with your assessment of SOTN and wish you the best on this project!

  4. PingasMan says:

    Dude, you will be next programmer master!

    Ever thought about doing a game of your own, using the same engine?

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