Update: 6/27/11

I have been working daily on my Symphony of the night engine in game maker. And with some help from Incubus, and some of the people from the GM community forums I have learned quite a bit so far.
This week I managed to come up with and finally finalize a very stable, and code efficient engine for the game that is VERY easily modifiable. I have also figured out how to set the view to be the same as in SOTN, and also to have the same black screen effect as in the game when transitioning between rooms. I have also implemented the sounds, AI, and animations for all candle dropped items,  and things like stat ups, the spirit orb (dropped when a boss is beaten in Rondo of blood) and some other stuff.
I will soon be putting up a demo video of this in a debugging room, but first I want to finish the rest of the animations and actions for classic Richter so that he is completed. It is time consuming work, but I have to say that compared to hacking the original in mehack, this is EXTREMELY easy.
The hard part is learning something new almost on my own, and also duplicating the graphic effects from SOTN will be a royal pain in the ass. But little by little I am getting more and more done.
I also plan to release the engine itself to the community in general; source code and all so that hopefully others can put it to good use, modify it as wanted, and make their own games too. As for the completed game itself, once it is released I will wait a few months until everything is discovered, and then release it’s code as well. Hopefully people will put it to good use.
Stay tuned for more updates.

EDIT (6/27/11): Got water working today, but wow was it a pain learning how to do all of that. I had to use 2 sets of sprites for the splash alone, then position it, set up vertical stretching on it, then  figure out how to make the little grey particles for it, not to mention getting the surface of the water right (from  the underground caverns) and the overlay for the water itself. A lot of work not on physics or collisions, but making sure that it is graphically accurate instead. Lol, talk about irony.

Tomorrow I will continue messing with it, then it’s on to messing with physics for the player and making sure that they are accurate with SOTN.
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8 Responses to Update: 6/27/11

  1. I like that you’re releasing the source code, though to be extra safe I would prefer the full source is released with every update. Now that this project is less of a modification of the original and more like a remake using the original assets, it is more susceptible to a Cease and Desist order taking it down (the famous example being the Chrono Trigger remake that was shot down weeks before its final release). C&A orders aren’t very effective when the project has already been thoroughly disseminated.

  2. Mico says:

    i’ve been following your work for about two years, man your are G.R.E.A.T!!!
    please continue this excelent work.

  3. prog says:

    that’s very cool, the water splashing effect. I’ve been following you on GMCommunity and learned some stuffs because of you. :3
    Really, can’t wait for the demo!

  4. Buttersoft. says:

    so no epsxe required anymore? Either way it’s great to see you pdating, and to know you’re still slaving away. Really looking forward to playing a final version, or even another demo! thx Esco!

  5. ne says:

    Wow. That is too cool!
    Releasing your CV engine for public use makes me love you more than ever~!
    Now I can finally (and easily) create my Hammer’s Castlevania Game~! T^T

  6. Lauren says:

    Keep up the great work, I’m looking forward to seeing this in action!

  7. JVC says:

    Wow,your the best ESCO,keep it up and make all fans proud of you 🙂

  8. TheMoonMan says:

    This is very exciting to hear! Glad to see that this is easier than messing with IGA’s nightmarish coding, alongside being less memory-intensive than running a PSX Emu+Memhack. I really can’t wait to see this come to fruition. Rock on! 😀

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