Over the last few days I have tirelessly been messing with gamemaker and trying to see if I can duplicate SOTN on it. And so far it seems that I will be able to do EVERYTHING that I wanted to do with the hack, and much, much, more. This includes things that were very hard/impossible before like:
  1. Using any enemy in ANY STAGE, anywhere!
  2. Putting in more areas and stages (hello cursed prison)
  3. Putting in more music tracks; no more listening to the same 2 songs multiple times in the reverse castle.
  4. Putting in a few more enemies and bosses.
  5. Put in as MANY weapons & items as I want
  6. Put in as many playable characters (PSP Maria, anyone?)
  7. I can use sprites that are 256 colors and up; not just 16 colors anymore
Since I can basically put in as many stages as I want, this also means that I can also now (for the most part) keep the reverse castle as a reverse mirror of the original, and STILL put in my new areas.
So far I have put in quite a few sprites, and I am little by little learning all of the things that I need to know how to do this. But if anyone has any experience using gamemaker, and would like to offer to “tutor” me some, I would greatly appreciate it.
I have also put up a list of which sprites I so far have put into the game. Since there are over about 250 of them to do (just for effects like dust and flames, enemies, stage sprites, and candles; that doesn’t include the ones for the player’s weapons), I figured I should do at least 3 a day, so that within 3 months they are hopefully all done.
If anyone has any of the sprites from SOTN already setup in gamemaker, or knows how to use GM and wants to help, please feel free to contact me. I would definitely not object to it.
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One Response to Progress:

  1. drewarez says:

    estoy muy agradesido con el trabajo que haces

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