Sprites that have been completed in Game Maker for the hack (updated on 6/21/11):

This is just a list of what sprites have been placed into Gamemaker thus far. Please note that if something is mentioned here, it includes all frames ripped from the game pixel perfect with transparencies and rotation off. These will be reapplied via gamemaker, but this ensures that the sprites are 95-100% accurate.
If anyone wishes to contribute, feel free to contact me:
First the “candle” types: these can be hit for items (hearts, money, sometimes equipment):
  • Base Candle 1 (blue)
  • Base Candle 2 (red)
  • All 3 Candleabras (Small, medium big; the tiny one is unused in SOTN and is not included)
  • Big Urn
  • Big Jug
  • Grey Statue
  • Lab Burner (alchemy lab)
  • Lab Experiment (alchemy lab)
  • Glowing orb with fetus (alchemy lab)
  • Statue with candle (also the lab)
  • Wall Torches (lab also)
  • Golden globe (yup… lab too)
Now for the monsters (these include all attacks and fragments too):
  • Skeleton
  • Blood Skeleton (includes a new animation for when he is actually killed)
Now for the various effects; note that if it says BURST it is a series of puffs together (like the multiple flamepuffs that appear when you break the urn in stage 0; this is actually one object in game):
  • Flamepuff1
  • Flamepuff2
  • Flamepuff3
  • Flameburst1
  • Flameburst2
  • Dustpuff1
  • Dustburst1
Now for pickupable items:
  • heart
  • big heart
  • coin
  • Totem
  • Crown
  • Chest
  • SECRET items 1-5
  • Life max up
  • MP max up
  • Heart max up
  • Str, con, int, mnd, and lck + 1 items
  • Spirit orb (stage clear orb from Dracula x: Rondo of Blood)
Now for the Player’s Things:
  • Old Richter: Standing, Walking, Jumping, Running, Crouching
  • New Richter: walking, standing
Now the heads up display, text boxes, text images, and other misc. things:
  • Implemented the text box that shows item and enemy names. Chose a font for it as well.
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11 Responses to Sprites that have been completed in Game Maker for the hack (updated on 6/21/11):

  1. kekeke says:

    Try Xpadder, a controller profiler that emulated the keyboard. Might work with GM though im not too sure about this.

  2. munchmessiah says:

    I gotta say I’m glad for the switch to GM. My computers just don’t seem to get along with any emulators more complex than N64 ones.

  3. JVC says:

    Anyway its called,doesnt matter,its the perfection that all fans were waiting for.
    By the way,will you include the underground garden also?
    Keep it up Esco,best wishes to you :).

  4. Darlan says:

    Is there a name to the hack? If not you should name your hack with something not only “hacked”, it sounds gross for all that work doesn’t?

  5. Darlan says:

    The way things are going it really looks like a new castlevania =D
    something like “SOTN 2” or “SOTN Expansion + Patch”

  6. ne says:

    it may not be a hack anymore…but still glad the proposed GAME is still in progress:3

  7. Darlan says:

    It’s so good to see that this hack is still on progress. πŸ™‚

  8. Eliwood says:

    Please tell me there is a way to incorporate a controller with game maker I have played several GM games and it seem like the only way is if you get an external program joytokey, I would hate to play this on keyboard especially if its going to have the original feel

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