A POSSIBLE new direction for the hack:

Well as most of you know I started this hack a little over 5 years ago. Since then I have learned countless things about this game that I never could have learned otherwise. However, two facts have remained constant throughout this project:
  1. That I did not, and never would have FULL control over everything! And by this I mean stuff like hard coded gfx, being able to put any enemy or sprite in any stage, etc.
  2. Working with IGA’s code is a goddamn nightmare, that causes glitches almost ANY time I change something.
With my current progress I would be looking at around another 2 YEARS before I would be anywhere NEAR done with the hack. And considering the fact that once I am employed again, that I would have to divide up my free time between this, my girl, hanging with my peoples, hitting the gym, doing my online business, school, etc. etc. blah blah blah… it could be way longer than that.
So what I began doing is looking for more efficient and alternative possibilities to just hacking the game. And I believe I may have found one using a little fun tool called GameMaker.
To date I had heard LOTS of rumors that it was unstable, a memory whore, and buggy, which kept me away from it (I refuse to release something that is a glitchy, buggy mess… fuck that). But after using it for over a week now, I have to say that it is not only VERY stable, but memory wise and cpu power wise it is NOT nearly as bad as running a HUGE memhack script and an emulator at once. And as for it being buggy, well sadly most of the time the reason this seems to be is that the person programming in it has limited knowledge as to what they are doing or how to do it correctly. And While I am no coding pro, I am definitely VERY efficient coding wise and good at bug testing, and not afraid to take the time to learn new things that pique my interest.
So with that being said, I have begun adding sprites from SOTN, to Gamemaker, and learning how to code in it. So far, the stage 0 map and most of the sprites for it are all done.And with how easy it is to do things in GM, I can literally do the whole game myself and add a bunch more stuff, way faster than I could continue to hack it in memhack. Also since GM is very easy to use and there is a whole community going for it, once I get a bit more going, I am hoping that I can possibly find a few people to even help me out with this.

So if anybody can contribute any sprites from the game, or knows how to use Gamemaker, by all means feel free to message me on here. I could definitely use some help learning this thing. That’s my word. Straight up.

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11 Responses to A POSSIBLE new direction for the hack:

  1. PingasMan says:

    Esco… I have been following your progres for quite some time, its a good idea to move for GM I think.

    However, why can’t you release an unifinished version of your hard work? I would love to play it anyway, I DONT MIND if its incomplete, I just want to play it as far as I can, pretty please, I BEG you!

  2. Maikson says:

    The game is looking great, keep the work, the engine looks awesome, I’m really impressed how the room and the moviments look’s to a test engine that you made,.

    • Esco says:

      What are you talking about? I have not released any test engine at all in gamemaker. My mechanics still need work and I am still learning the program.

  3. Novella Guy says:

    A novella is also a short novel or a longer short story.

  4. Maikson says:

    Its Ok if you say so, put a little demo for us to play, I just wanna know how will gonna be the gameplay, you know, much of us don’t have good experiences with game maker engines.

    When everything has finished, you could let us play the Memhack just for fun, with Bugs and everything else !

    There’s a Brazilian working on remake too, but he’s a noob starting in a little time, when he release his job i will post here for you to take a look, he already done the rooms until the death and will release a Demo soon, but the movements of alucard so far looks glitched because i’t’s his first project and it’s on the beginning, but, to have a Idea on how this game maker it’s easy to work, it’s about 3 months and he have all this progress.

  5. Maikson says:

    So, gamemaker can keep the gameplay perfectly and run on 60 FPS, can you use pixeled grafics like SOTN and dont make it looks like gradient colors and a Flash Player Game.

    If you feel comfortably to do it, i can’t see why not, but, put all your hard work on another plataform will take a lot of time, you could aim the complex things you wanted to do on the GM and the hard mode and the simple things on the Memhack, So the 2 works will not take so longer and will take less time i Think, because it’s a hard hard work that took years, leave all behind and re-use all in the GM it’s a waste, the PSX Engine is soo nice :/

    • Esco says:

      Actually right now, the gfx look better than on the PSX: smoother, can be more than 256 colors, yet still slightly pixelated, and no black bars on the top & bottom of the screen. Kind of like rondo of blood on hi quality mode.

      And no, I will not be doing 2 versions. I can get a LOT more done much quicker in this thing, than I can in memhack. I am still not 100% sure if it will be able to do EVERYTHING I want it to do. But if I find something that it can’t do I can always find a work around.

      As for my code in memhack, it will not be going to waste: I can use a lot of it here, and it also taught me a shitload of stuff on how the game works. If anything you should be happy about this: Instead of having to wait 2 or 3…. maybe even more YEARS, now I should be able to put out demos every couple of months. Which was my goal: to put out a REALLY fun version of SOTN. If you are more worried about HOW it is done, then you might want to change your focus, and focus more on actually wanting to PLAY the game. How it is done shouldn’t matter, as long as it is high quality.:)

  6. hearty says:

    hello, I can’t seem to find to hex for holywater’s heart cost (and hydrostorm’s).
    Is it on the bottle, or the fire, or whereever? If you have time please help me. :3

    Oh, and all addresses you gave me before are all off by 2.
    example for dagger: 154699-1546ac, the damage modifier here is 15469C, and so on.

  7. Gekka says:

    Sorry to hear that. But yeah, whatever, real life sure is precious too, even if you’re the only one benefitting from it.
    It’s sad however that all the knowledge of the game you obtained will now go to naught, as I doubt anyone could just continue where you have left off. I have to agree however that your project was REALLY ambitious and maybe just too good to be true. Oh well, maybe you can still finish off the chapel or something and release it as a partial hack? Most players would probably have enough difficulties already trying to get as far. What really shouldn’t happen is that the whole project just vanished into oblivion. Even as a partial hack, if you upload it to RomhackingDotNet or somewhere similiar, your place in history will be certain.

    Thank you for all your castlevania love so far,
    Even if comments on your blog shall remain few, remember that absolutely everyone who played and reviewed SotN at some point mentioned that it was too easy. Noone went to draw the logical conclusion, but be sure that the lust for a difficulty hack weighed down on our tongues for all these years. And you were the one to vocalize it. For that we are grateful.

    We shall never forget you.

    • Esco says:

      Peoples………. for the record I have NO IDEA what this gekka guy is rambling about (lol). I never said ANY of my knowledge would just vanish or never be released. Nor is there any downside to POSSIBLY changing over to something that would have less compatibility issues, load up quicker, give me more control, and probably have less bugs too.

      Kids, please remember NOT to get drunk and post AFTER watching a novella ( that’s a Spanish drama). 😛

  8. nukesheart says:

    wee, Game Maker! I also used this platform on my school projects before. And it’s cool. And with this you can now add more music (those I proposed to you before, remember?) and lots of other cool stuffs. Though for an incredibly BIG game like Castlevania SotN (compared to mostly minigames created from GM), WE would NEED high specs esp RAM/VRAM for this (try Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, Obreck’s Castlevania III remake, and Knighty’s Castlevania: Simon’s Quest Remake(this one’s a metroidvania)).

    But I don’t know, maybe it’s because the way they code stuffs that make it very slow and/or unplayable on netbooks and 2year old desktops.

    Hope you can make this one right. :3

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