UPDATE: 5/31/11

Due to popular demand I have spoken with Serio, and he has begun the arduous task of putting in the newest version of his Richter sprite (which is much more improved) into the ric.bin file. This should be done in a few days. I have also found a method of standardizing the script files for most things in the game, which will not only make editing quicker and easier, but also make the files load faster in memhack.
So far I have used it on stage zero, to finalize it. I am now beginning to do all of the necessary tweaks to Alucard, so that his character is finished and I can release another demo some time in the near future. But this in itself is a rather monumental task, that will require me handling stuff like damage output, new weapon attacks, animations, etc.
Luckily I have already done a MASSIVE amount of work with him so that it hopefully won’t take toooooo long to do. Stay tuned.
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13 Responses to UPDATE: 5/31/11

  1. DarkLordSoma says:

    Ard then that’s cool G! 🙂 Now I just have few more last quesions…

    1) In both of the playable chars menus will you putting in a separate spot to allow players to equip different types of boots for like def, int, lck, etc, etc… And mabie Godspeed boots (Saturn Version) or Sonic Boots (CV:HOD XboxLive)?

    2) Are you planning on having both normal & reversed added on extra stages that you may implement into the game

    3) Please tell me you are making Richter more flexible… Like if the player attacks in the air he can 2nd jump (Square) & back flip cancel (Square) like in CV:HOD? PLEASE say yes man… Its kinda of annoying not be able to do extra attack

  2. DarkLordSoma says:

    Wassup Esco! I got two question…

    1) Are you planning on put in a lot of Richter’s missing sprites, like his double jump flying kick, and that move that looks like a combo where he tackles at the end of it?
    2) Will you be using Serio’s Richter’s whip spin animation. I asking this question because his Richter’s whips spends automatically in a whole circle, while on SOTN the whip dangles and the player has to make it spend?

    • Esco says:

      1)Yes I am; good question.

      2)No I am not; my richter will have brandishing in 5 directions, from up to down and everything in between. But there is no use for the ones where he is moving his arm in the back directions to brandish (like he can in SOTN), and it doesn’t even make sense to do so. 🙂

  3. nukesheart(hearty) says:

    oh so this is it:

  4. nukesheart(hearty) says:

    hey esco, here’s what i’ve got so far on my Richter’s hack.
    Not so big deal compared to what you’re doing, just made this for fun, but I guess I should share this to you (since you’ve helped obtain the damage addresses and other cool stuffs)
    Thanks :3

  5. Maikson says:

    Castlevania Birds, I like it, but the medusas in the first Castlevania really SUCKS

  6. nukesheart says:

    Ok. I just want to say hi. 🙂
    I found these somewhere, haha kinda cool and maybe very appropriate because of what you did for this hack. Don’t know if these are lyrics for a song or just plain poem. I think the title is:
    I despise
    Castlevania birds
    Castlevania birds
    They’re my darkest nightmare
    I hate the
    Castlevania birds
    Castlevania birds
    Please don’t knock me off that platform
    Fearing bird brains
    Curse you
    Darn you
    Damn you
    Die in fire
    Why are you always knocking me off of those unstable platforms
    Why are you always knocking me off of those unstable platforms
    Go away
    Castlevania birds
    Please, just go away
    You obnoxious enemies
    Why don’t you
    Go to God of War
    So that Kratos guy
    Tears your stupid gosh darn wings off
    Go now
    Leave me
    Be gone
    To some other game
    Piss off
    Sawed off
    Fuck off
    Burn in hades
    No one likes having to deal with being knocked off of moving platforms
    No one likes having to deal with being knocked off of moving platforms
    Castlevania birds
    Castlevania birds
    Castlevania birds
    I hate you so god fucking damn much
    Why, why, why
    Can’t I have some piece
    Castlevania birds
    Fuck you up the ass Konami
    Son of a bitch damn
    Can’t believe this bullshit
    No way
    Screw it
    Fuck it
    I’m done with this game

    PS: @Serio – and I can’t seem to access you website in my office because Japan’s IP is blocked (but I’m nowhere in Japan!)

  7. nukesheart(hearty) says:

    wow, a new demo for this game is awesome 😀

  8. Lelygax says:

    Thats pretty cool, thank you Serio.

  9. serio says:

    it’s done already actually. i found a really easy way to insert them pretty quickly (involving psp7, tiledggd and image saved as raw file format for tiledggd), so replacing took only few hours. then porting all of that to his boss file took 15 minutes at most.

    i had to redo his palette a bit though (more ‘full’ colors and some reindexing, so that he doesn’t look too washed out. i did that old palette back when i had a cheap monitor with poor color settings), so i hope you don’t have any extra palettes in your code, or if you do that you’ll adjust them.

    i redid all of the ones i found in his code file too, and while at it also gave him the portrait face for the menu.

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