The Royal Chapel is complete!

Just like the title says: all enemy AI is done, all room editing is done, all new tiles are inputted, all scripted scenario’s are complete, all vram changes are finished,  as is enemy placement, and the new secrets. The only thing’s left to do are item placement, and stat tweaking for enemies, and these can’t be done until all the stages are done so that it is balanced. I also want to implement one more secret, but this has to wait until everything else is done too.
2 rooms were edited and expanded upon, and the save point is now located before the boss. Here are a few screenshots:

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3 Responses to The Royal Chapel is complete!

  1. bahaark says:


  2. Maikson says:

    I wish that the screenshots never end D:

    Nice work!

    Also, you are working so much time you were working on the enemies a lot too, the old changes that you made, since the enemies till the bosses, they are all there yet or you did a reset in all your hard work?

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