Status of Sprites 2: Royal Chapel

Status of Sprites – Royal Chapel: Names in red are enemies that are finalized, meaning that their AI is done and no more changes need to be made (note: not all changes are listed here, like stat alterations; that would take too long. Plus I wouldn’t want to spoil everything for you guys).
Also note that almost enemies now will go into attack mode if they are damaged while standing idle, and many enemies will no longer “stagger” (also known as going into their pain animation… like when a bloody zombie is cut) except in some circumstances.
  • Bone Halberd: attacks quicker, the blade portion of the halberd cannot be ducked.
  • Blue Raven: AI has been changed; it now flies after you and chases you constantly; pecking at your ankles or head.
  • Black Crow: AI has been changed; it is not a mixture of the AI in CV3, Rondo of Blood, and Portrait of ruin. Very aggressive.
  • Skelerang: has a much longer range, and is more aggressive.
  • Bone Pillar: AI has been changed; besides diagonal ones there are now straight facing ones, and all pillars spit fireballs instead of flames. Diagonal pillars will not fall down the stairs if their is another pillar below them and it is killed; they instead will fall straight downward like in the other Castlevania games. The same for the straight facing ones.
  • Corner Guard: faster, and can now be placed on slopes that are facing right, not just the ones facing left.
  • Hunting Girl: faster, cannot be stuck in a damage loop from reeling when hit.
  • Spectral Sword: mid boss initially; activates immediately when it spawns.
  • Winged Guard: fly faster, in more of a looping motion. More rooms contain them now.
  • Bat:  AI has been changed; it is similar to in Rondo of Blood & Portrait of Ruin. Randomly activate upon spawning; fly faster and in a wavier motion (note: no longer used in this stage)
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2 Responses to Status of Sprites 2: Royal Chapel

  1. hearty says:

    hello, I can’t seem to find to hex for holywater’s heart cost (and hydrostorm’s).
    Is it on the bottle, or the fire, or whereever? If you have time please help me. 🙂

    Oh, and all addresses you gave me before are all off by 2.
    example for dagger: 154699-1546ac, the damage modifier here is 15469C, and so on.

    If I have the opportunity I’ll make some videos of my Richter Hack (made only for my personal enjoyment, it’s pretty cool to play), you might find some concepts useful if you start to mod richter.

  2. Lelygax says:

    Remember me? lol
    Wow thanks man for having the idea to make this blog, track
    you though your “forum-jumping” is a quite hard job you know =p

    Well, atleast you have discovered the final tricks to manipulate the
    stages and enemies the way that you wanted, good work, Im looking
    forward for your updates 😉

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