Demo Video of some changes made to the Royal Chapel:

This is a quick (and rather POORLY made, lol) video of some of the changes that I have made to the Royal Chapel (sorry about the background noise at certain parts in the video… the sprinklers came on outside of my condo and I had the windows open). This video shows:
  • The new Bone pillar (Including a room where a LOT of them are stacked up), all new enemy AI for several monsters, as well as some occurrences of scripting involving enemies.
  • The room that I expanded upon in the chapel (I do not intend to do this much in the first castle, but this room just had too much wasted space)
  • Strategic enemy placement similar to the older Castlevanias
  • A hidden scripted secret that I have implemented (the money bag is just a placeholder; a better item will be here)
  • One of the new pieces of equipment that I have implemented into the game.
  • The new gates that are to be used to lock off rooms for the mid boss fights (like the Spectral Sword), and for rooms where you must kill off all enemies to proceed.
As you can see, the enemies were set in place in places where they can catch you off guard, and in ways that they complement and back each other up. There are also a LOT more of them now. This was designed behind the idea that since your character has so much more mobility & options than the older games, that more of them were needed to balance things out difficulty wise. It is intended to make you use most if not ALL of your available options to get thru an area. You will also notice that the diagonal bone pillars will face right instead of left if you enter from the right side instead.
The spectral Sword is the mid boss for this area…. however, later on in the game you do have the opportunity to face 2 of these at once, and they do keep reappearing if you leave and reenter the room (unlike this one).
You can also see that the door to the save point and out of the area have gates in front of them. This only occurs if you go to the upper tower to get the rosary; if you want to keep this new piece of equipment you have to earn it. However, there is also some meat found in the room ahead (the confession booth) so that the stage is not toooo hard, and you can also save before the boss now. The doors would also unlock once the boss has been beaten, and will not lock again after that if you backtrack for whatever reason.
The Rosary: 
Description: a divine pendant with great holy power.
Notes: Increases con & int slightly. When equipped, if Alucard or Richter takes damage there is a small random chance that a bright flash of light will burst forth in retribution and inflict 9999 points of damage to all enemies on screen. Note, that this will not effect bosses, or mid bosses at all.
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9 Responses to Demo Video of some changes made to the Royal Chapel:

  1. G-Man says:

    Esco, I am thrilled to see you still working hard on this hack. I can tell you that this is THE game I am most looking forward to in the foreseeable future. Glad to see that you found a better way to implement everything you wanted to change. Looks great so far.

    And keep the difficulty high. I need a challenge!

  2. armorvil says:

    Wow, this is awesome. I’m really looking forward to more progress from you / an eventual release.

    Anyways, I hope you don’t set the difficulty level too high either. I have to admit I don’t have your dexterity, so I kinda hope this mod doesn’t turn out to be an exercice in frustration or tediousness for me / most players. But I’m not a bad player though (finished almost all Castleroid without too much difficulty – and I finished Castelvania IV back in the day).

    • Esco says:

      If you have trouble with something as hard as Castlevania III, I suggest that you go practice a few games on that difficulty. Because this game will be on par with the American version of that game & the original Castlevania. 🙂

  3. hearty says:

    oh and I don’t have an idea how to use that debugger.

    and if ever you’re already working on Richter, give him a Soul Stealer boots he can equip which can steal souls from enemies by jump-kicking them. It’s super coOoOol~!

  4. hearty says:

    yey it worked!
    thank you so much!

    • hearty says:

      i’ve managed to make richter’s dagger steal souls (extremely cool) but the souls do not restore rich’s health. Is there an address to modify or it is just because he’s not a vampire? lol

      • Esco says:

        No idea… I would assume it checks to see what character is being used, and if the value is 0 heals you, if it is 1 does nothing. Use PCSX’s debugger to check the ASM code.

        $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”] = “”;

  5. hearty says:

    wow this is incredible. *,*

    can I ask something?

    I’ve been somewhat messing around with SotN’s hex (something like gameshark) and modding some minor stuffs (like giving alucard the poorest stat ever and not making him level-up).
    Do you have codes for tweaking Rich’s attack power? If you don’t mind I would really appreciate your help 🙂

    those are freking blue raven btw. I am really looking forward to this game. Thumbs Up. 🙂

    • Esco says:

      Yes I do. Check the info below for Richter:
      Richter’s Weapons: 20 entries each
      UNKNOWN2 (end): 154685-154698
      dagger: 154699-1546ac
      Axe: 1546ad- 1546c0
      Holy water bottle: 1546c3-1546d6
      boomerang: 1546d5-1546e8
      bible: 1546e9-1546fc
      Stopwatch: 1546fd-154710
      diamond: 154711-154724
      bibuti: 154725-154738
      Agunea: 154739-15474e
      Unknown: 15474d- 154760
      Holy water fire: 154761-154774
      Holy cross light (heart cost): 154775-154788
      Holy Cross: 154789-15479c
      Whip (brandish move also) 15479d- 1547b0
      Flame whip (heart cost) 1547b1- 1547c4
      Hydrostorm: 801547c5- 1547d8
      BladeDash: 1547d9- 1547ec
      Slide: 1547ed-154800
      Unknown3: 154801- 154814
      Axe crash: 154815-154828
      Dagger crash: 154829- 15483c
      Super jump: 15483d- 154850
      Air slide: 154851- 154864
      Bibuti Crash: 154865- 154878
      Diamond Crash: 154879- 15488c
      Bible Crash: 15488D- 1548a0
      Stopwatch crash: 1548a1-1548b4
      Agunea crash (heart cost): 1548b5- 1548c8
      Diamond Crash (light): 1548c9-1548dc
      Stopwatch crash (lightning): 1548dd- 1548f0

      Please bear in mind that the addresses may be off by 1 or 2, and that some of Richter crashes use the dmg entry in the sub weapon for the damage entry of the crash. Experiment around some and it is easy to figure out. Sadly I haven’t messed with Richter much so I don’t remember much info for him right now, but I will get to him soon enough.

      Here is the structure for each one too:

      example: Dagger- 65b853-65b866
      65b854-dmg amount
      65b856 – heart cost
      65b858- ELEMENTAL DMG (see chart in posts above)
      65b85a-# can be thrown at once: Type- BYTE
      65b85b- delay between hits: Type- BYTE
      65b85f- WEAPON/ITEM SPAWNED: Type-BYTE
      65b860- 2 or 32 = hits, over 200 hits all
      65b862- 0-128 = hit sound, 2 = steals souls, 3 = bounces off 128 and higher = cut sound. So 130= steal souls and cut sound, 131 = cut sound and bounces off armor. There might be a way to get it to steal souls AND bounce off, but I didn’t bother to find the #.
      65b864- UNKNOWN
      65b866- CRITICAL HIT RATE

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