UPDATE! 5/13/11

This week has been an outstanding week progress wise:
  • Thanks to Nyx, I now know how to change everything that has to do with the tiles in the game. I have already added the tiles, colorpal, and collision info in for the gate I had displayed an image of about a week ago on here; and it works flawlessly. With this information I will now have more than enough room for as many color palettes as I need in a stage (this will come in handy for enemies and other sprites), as well as a ton of room to put in new tiles as needed.
  • I hve also discovered how play sounds in game whenever I want to. This actually was much easier to figure out than I thought it would be, and it works OUTSTANDING! This is another HUGE bit of info for me, and will make things progress much quicker and easier.
  • I have completed a script to spawn sprites in a room wherever I want them. All that I have to do is put in their absolute horizontal, and absolute vertical position (adding 2 values gets each one), and the 2 values to spawn them (also very easy). This will make things progress a lot quicker on the hack editing wise, since I can use the script over and over.
  • I have also completed a script for rooms that will need to use the gate tiles to lock them. This script can also be used over and over, and will save me a LOT of time.
  • The big staircase room in the chapel has been expanded on and is now MASSIVE, and full of enemies and secrets. I will be putting out a video of this and 1 or 2 other rooms in the chapel VERY soon. This will display several of the new features I put into the game thus far as well as a new secret that I implemented. 😉
Stay tuned for more updates!
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One Response to UPDATE! 5/13/11

  1. The B# says:

    As a person that’s been following this project for at least 2 years, I am very happy to see this blog and reading about all of your progress is very exciting.

    I very anxiously await the next video.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

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