Here birdie, birdie, birdie…..

Well after examining the blue raven and black crow I decided that their old AI was horribly pitiful. So I decided to redesign them both. The blue one was pretty simple: it pretty much flies around now after you pecking at your head and knees, and squawking.
The black crow surprised me though; he took about 150 lines of code to get him working similar to in Dracula X and portrait of ruin. However, I have to say that I am very pleased with how he came out, and it makes him EXTREMELY unpredictable. Even in a game with a player as versatile as Alucard and Richter. He is annoying in a vertical room, but even more dangerous in a horizontal one.
With them done, that should complete all of the chapel enemies (with the exception of some small tweaks needed on the diagonal bone pillars). I hope to continue on my enemy placement throughout the great staircase room tomorrow.
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