Messing with IGA’s code is a BITCH! >:(

Yup…. like the topic says. I put up a screenshot a few days ago of a bone pillar spitting fireballs diagonally. Doing this in itself was annoying as hell, but after finishing it I figured that just making regular horizontal ones that behave the same as in the other games (portriat of ruin, adventure rebirth, any of the other DOZENS of games they appeared in, etc.) would be easy.
……………. I was wrong. I was horribly wrong…. and I am truly amazed at what a shitty job was done coding this enemy. But after much hell that included having to edit what gfx are used, moving the skull pieces and flame spawned after they die, AND making sure the work right AI wise, rotating sprites, nopping and editing asm code, putting in new asm code and c script, getting the pillars to fall if the one below them is killed, then adjusting hitboxes… I finally have them functioning 100% correct. Their fireballs work fine still too.
I considered also giving them their flame breath, but seeing as how fisheads have this attack already, I figured why make them both exactly the same. These guys behave more like long range cannons, and are quite hazardous as they are. Especially since their fireballs behave like the order of ecclesia ones do.
I also started on a new AI for the blue raven, so that it is more of a pesky enemy that flies around nipping at your head and ankles (like a real bird does). And I fixed an internal bug with the Skelerang that was in the original game.
I am currently working on finishing enemy placement in the room I edited so that I can release a quick demo video of it all. I then want to go back and optimize code from the previous stages (Stage zero is done, that leaves Entrance 1 & 2, alchemy lab, marble gallery, and the outer wall), as well as edit what loads in vram for them all so that I can place enemies wherever I want.
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